Friday, March 9, 2012

Thai Taste:Troy

Marshall was feeling under the weather today and wanted something good to help him feel better. Thai Taste is my favorite local Thai source (at least since Thai Magic Kitchen in Birmingham was sold and later shut down) and Marshall wanted to give it another taste. Hence we ventured over today for a lunch-time treat. The small store front just on the other side of the freeway from the tall offices of Troy, this was one of those places I found years ago while driving past. Today we visited just after their lunch rush to partake of their lunch menu. I ordered the Chicken Masaman Curry (C5) and Marshall tried their Chicken Thai Special Fried Rice (KP7), both on the high side of the average price. Each was served with their Hot & Sour Soup and a Spring Roll. Marshall couldn't stop raving about the soup as the best he's ever tried. The spring rolls were also good, though a better balance between the wrap and contents would have made me happier. As usual, the portion sizes were good and coupled with the soup and spring roll, but was enough to fill me through dinner and take a little home. The taste of each dish was sublime. Marshall couldn't stop raving about the taste and quality and took some of his home as well. Marshall now complains that he has found the Thai restaurant he wants to eat all the time and doesn't feel like continuing the search, but I protest we must try others a little closer to his home and to the office. So the search will continue.

Darryl: 10/10
Marshall: 10/10 (off the charts)

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  1. Thai Taste and Midwest Buddhist meditation center on Sundays are the only 2 places I found to have authentic Thai food in Metro Detroit. When you go to a Thai restaurant ask where they are from I find the people actually from Thailand usually have the best Thai food many places seem to hire Asians just because there are Asian and they really don't know Thai food that well and seem to really Americanize it